The Beginning


In 2000 a college friend was merchandising a hodgepodge of products via local vendor shows (and other avenues) in the Brooklyn area and asked if I may be interested in doing so.  After considering the question, I realized I always imagined managing a successful business but with unique original designs created by myself not another’s vision.

You may ask, why a large rhythmic contemporary hair design which encompasses the entire space of a t-shirt?  Why not, for most individuals your ‘crown is your glory’ ‘DREADS’ and ‘CORNROWS’ are traditional designs worn in my community which has become a ‘trendy style’ for some whose popularity crosses all race and ethnic lines.  I’m not one for limitations or restrictions specifically when it pertains to creativity.  The boldness and fullness of the designs were a must to express the originality and boldness of ‘The Black Hair Collection’.   

The concept was introduced in 2001 after numerous sketches, focus groups, locating a very ambitious silk screener who utilizes the infrequently used ‘wrap and scattered dye process’ and negotiating a great deal for the best heavyweight cotton t-shirts in the business!  The concept became a reality and DANIDA was open for business.