The Show

How to move your merchandise, should you hit vendor events up and down the east coast or should you concentrate on developing a successful marketing web-site or both?  Decisions, decisions…..I admit, I’m inpatient and decided the vendor route for immediate feedback (good or bad) and also to fund my web-site in the future. 


I embarked on the marketing show route in early October.  Many factors to consider, the approaching Holiday season, the on-set of inclement weather,  how to effectively display our merchandise, do we have enough merchandise, lighting, vendor fees, room & board, paper or plastic bags…etcetera, etcetera.


Ultimately, our first vendor show occurred many years ago and to say I was a little ‘disheartened’ is an understatement.  I thought of giving up so many times for so many reasons, no sales, low sales, price points, the ‘physical’ work….AAAGH!!!


Eventually things got much better and I have no regrets, friends of DANIDA continue to support our brand and through their encouragement I look forward to approaching DANIDA’s next project .


I’ve included images of one of our first vendor shows ‘The Artist Collective’ in Hartford, CT.  All I can say is thank goodness for foam board and stick pins