DANIDA is a concept which began in 2000.  With my young son in tow, working two jobs and hardly any free time, our label had come to fruition.  Our aim has always been and continues to be the ability to create and deliver unique, high quality and thought-provoking merchandise.



No Two Are Alike

Each DANIDA piece is very unique, ‘The Black Hair Collection’ in addition to ‘Dreads’ began as a white ‘ultra soft 100% premium cotton’ t-shirt which we hand dyed and applied the design by hand utilizing the highest quality fabric dye and paint.   The other collections incorporate the use of fabric paint, markers and hand embroidery.  DANIDA utilizes products which are produced ethically in a socially compliant WRAP certified (‘Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production’) factories that are sweatshop-free and child labor free.  

We incorporate the boldness of the designs, infuse vibrant colors and the outcome is a rhythmic piece which is representative of our local communities and the ones who create opportunities for growth and change in them.  Each piece represents what we love about ‘ourselves’ which is reflective in our rich origin and influential presence.  DANIDA asks that you embrace your individuality to  ‘Be Inspired’ and ‘Be Yourself’!